Make notes, provide feedback, and share ideas with your teammates

Use comments in your documents to leave notes and to-do lists for yourself or share and receive feedback.

In Lunacy, there are three type of comments:

All shown in the demo below.


  • Comments are only available in cloud documents
  • If you don't own the document, you'll have to log into your Lunacy account to comment on it.
  • Adding a text comment

    To add a comment to a document:

    1. Press C or select the Comment tool.
    2. Click over the place on the canvas you want to comment.
    3. Type something in the input field.
    4. Click or press Enter.

    Recording voice comments

    To comment with a voice recording:

    1. Next to the usual comment input field, press the icon to record your message.
    2. Click to stop recording. Use the button to listen to the recording or the to delete it.
    3. Click or press Enter.

    Note: Make sure Lunacy has access to your microphone, otherwise, this option will be unavailable. If you have several microphones, you can switch between them through Help → Microphone.

    Commenting with stickers

    Unlike text and voice comments, which are visible/playable only once you click on the comment markers to open them, sticker comments show up right on the canvas.

    To comment with a sticker:

    1. Next to the comment input field, click to open up a set of stickers you can use in place of text comments or as reactions to other users’ comments:
    2. Click on a sticker to post the comment.

    Note: Stickers that you use in replies to comments will only show up inside the chat.

    Viewing and managing comments

    By default, comments are always visible on the canvas.

    To hide them, disable the the Comments option in the Additional options menu on the top bar:

    You can view and manage comments in a document by selecting the Comment tool on the toolbar or pressing C to enable comment mode. All the comments on the current page will be visible on the canvas.

    Open and read/listen to comments by clicking the comment markers on the canvas.

    Clicking the button on the top bar will open up the Comment panel in place of the right panel, displayng all of the comments available in the document. Here, you can filter comments by their status (unresolved/all).

    More comment actions

    • To move comments, drag them over the canvas.
    • Add your text, sticker, or voice message below a comment to reply to it, then click :
    • To edit/delete a comment, click in the top right corner of the comment dialog box and select the corresponding menu option:
    • Click in the top right corner of the comment dialog box to resolve a comment (you can only resolve your own comments at the moment).